While thermoplastic markings can be very practical when used on roadways, they can be a whole lot of fun as well.

Gentem’s high quality, durable and slip-resistant markings can provide children with an exciting, memorable and educational playground experience.

We offer a wide variety of safe and colorful schoolyard options and we are confident that you will find a preformed thermoplastic products that fits the bill – whether it is from our catalog or whether we work with you for a custom design.

On a playground surface, Gentem preformed thermoplastics offer exceptional longevity over traditional painted surfaces. They are much easier to apply, without the fumes or drying times of paint and cold plastic. Furthermore, the level of detail and color which can be produced in our factory can greatly exceed that of any painted surface.

Choose from our expansive selection of bright and engaging designs or create your own. Your customers will be able to round out their playground and schoolyards with a splash of color and imagination.

Our thermoplastic offerings range from engaging puzzles — such as mazes, trails, and games — to educational tools — such as letters, numbers, and words. Then there are the animals and objects that make the child’s playground experience that much more thrilling!

We can also work with you to create fully custom designs to bring your customer’s vision to life.

All of these markings are easy to apply and are designed to last for years — even with all of the wear and tear caused by a stampede of little sneakers!

Most importantly, our preformed thermoplastic products are completely safe for children and are made from non-hazardous materials.

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