Company Profile

Gentem Inc. is a North American-based company specializing in the manufacturing of thermoplastic and preformed thermoplastic products.

Our products are used throughout a wide range of markets, from government and airports to construction and commercial spaces. Whether it’s a large military base or a local crosswalk, our products can be used for projects both large and small.

We deliver to large contractors, municipalities and distributors all over the globe, equipping them with quality products that provide exceptional value to their customers and constituents.

Our Core Values


We give our customers our undivided attention, aligning our own efforts with their unique needs and expectations.


We know what’s at stake — the safety of others. That’s why all of our products meet customer specifications and are manufactured to last.


We seek to develop innovative products that meet the ever-changing needs of the customers and markets we serve.


We use cutting-edge technology to create and improve on best practices and ensure that we develop reliable, high quality products.


We value your customers as if they are our own, and want them to be completely satisfied every time they purchase a Gentem product.


We are committed to our customers’ long-term success, and believe that building dependable relationships is in the best interest of all.

Our Vision

We have the power to not only build safer communities but also adorn our neighborhoods with colorful designs that bring a sense of wonder and excitement to its citizens.

Our products currently reach all four corners of the globe, and we strive to be the go-to name in thermoplastic solutions worldwide.

Why Gentem?

We believe that quality service is as important as the product itself. When you partner with us, our promise to you is unrivaled customer service, uncompromised levels of quality, and delivery that is on time, every time.

We’re here to serve you. Get in contact with us today at (888) 919-8842, and find out how we can provide better thermoplastic solutions for your customers!

  • Improved Safety
  • High Quality Products and Services
  • Time Saving
  • Environmental Benefits


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