Although thermoplastic and preformed thermoplastic markings are most often used in outdoor environments, there are a few different scenarios in which they may be used indoors as well.

Most notably, your customers may require markings for their retail stores, warehouses and entrance ways.

These symbols and lines provide clear boundaries and guidelines for where machinery should be operated, station placement and product organization. Overall, these markings can bring a sense of structure and organization to what might otherwise be a loud and disorganized environment.

Other customers may be looking to add lines, numbering, and lettering to their indoor parking garages. Gentem can even provide customized solutions, such as corporate logos, to clearly identify a company’s staff or visitors’ parking spaces.


Unlike vinyl and adhesive backed signage, Gentem preformed thermoplastic symbols can withstand not only heavy customer traffic but can also withstand harsh concrete floor cleaning systems. Please call us to discuss your options.

Whatever the case may be, our products are non-hazardous, low odor and are able to be applied quickly within an indoor setting. You can feel comfortable offering your customers high-quality, durable products which demonstrate the prioritization of customer safety.

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