In an airport, the need for large, clear, reflective markings is critical. Pilots need to be able to identify key areas and important symbols from far away, and sometimes through adverse weather conditions. The alternative can be dangerous and sometimes life-threatening.

Of course, even when aircraft aren’t in flight, pilots and airport staff members still need to be able to navigate different areas of an airport — runways, taxiways, vehicle roadways, hold positions, and much more.

Governments also impose all sorts of requirements and regulations with regards to airport markings. Fortunately, our thermoplastic and preformed thermoplastic products have been designed specifically for airfields, and fully meet government requirements and customer specifications.

With optimum retro-reflective qualities, our wide array of symbols and markings are fully visible from far away. This gives pilots greater confidence to identify different stations at all hours of the day and promotes the safety of all airline staff and passengers who may be on board.

Our products are also extremely durable, and need to be, as markings on runways must withstand friction from heavy aircraft traveling at high such speeds.

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