Endurance – Granular Thermoplastic Powder

Gentem’s Endurance product line is comprised of our granular, hot-applied thermoplastic pavement markings in both hydrocarbon and alkyd formulations. They were designed to be durable, long lasting and economical alternatives to cold plastics, epoxies and tape.

Endurance, is a fully formulated finished product, manufactured for both hand liner and truck application. When heated, granular thermoplastics convert to a hot viscous material that can be applied to roadways and parking lots.

Unlike alternative products, our Endurance line is environment friendly, safe and low odor and much less wasteful since unused material can simply be re-heated.

Since preformed thermoplastics are not wet-applied, they set rapidly; which means that traffic can resume more promptly. And unlike paints, there is no vehicle tracking, should an errant motorist cross a line.

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