The urban movement towards the beautification and revitalization of green spaces and thoroughfares in communities and neighborhoods has municipalities and land owners all seeking ways to not only delineate the various forms of traffic, but to do so in a more artful manner.

Our DecoScape preformed thermoplastic pavement markings allow this artistic freedom. They can transform drab intersections into colorful pedestrian crossings as well as buffered walkways and patio spaces.

Institutions can rev up school spirit by incorporating school logos or mascots into the design of pathways, entranceways, drop-off zones and parking lots. Corporate entranceways and parking lots can likewise be enhanced, promoting brand recognition and pride.

And now, with the recent global health situation, Gentem is offering a wide variety of social distancing symbols. These range from simple footprints and arrows to customized symbols incorporating corporate logos and colors.

While many of the DecoScape products have been specifically designed as unique custom works, Gentem does stock a host of colorful pathway and pedestrian crosswalk designs as well as extremely durable and long wearing social distancing symbols.

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